A particular strength of All Asia Alliance is our expertise in all areas of Litigation, Arbitration, Business and Commercial Law.


Arbitration is a form of dispute resolution that is private, often less expensive and which is usually completed far sooner than cases in court. The Alliance members offer comprehensive services ranging from drafting appropriate arbitration clauses in contracts to advising and representing our clients at arbitration hearings. The Alliance members are familiar with the procedures and rules for the conduct of local and international arbitrations and can advise in complex disputes.


In the event that there has been an accident, particularly where there has been personal injury, All Asia Alliance is able to advise and provide representation in court in a manner that best protects our clients' interests. This will be done quickly and efficiently to minimise any inconveniences.


Many potential issues arise with respect to the scope of different banking instruments including credit and debit cards some of which may be quite complex. All Asia Alliance is able to advise on the legal issues relating to the same and act in a manner that will protect our clients' interests.


The Alliance members have an extensive experience in dealing with issues relating to bankruptcy law (relating to individuals) and are able to handle the often complicated paperwork involved in prosecuting or defending a claim in this regards. In the event that a client wishes to repay sums, All Asia Alliance acts quickly in applying to be party to appropriate debt repayment schemes.


The Alliance members will ensure that our clients get quality representation. With decades of experience of advising and acting for clients in court on an extensive range of criminal matters, our clients are well represented at every stage of the criminal process including Trials and Appeals to the High Court.


The Alliance members have the expertise to handle a wide range of commercial matters, ranging from the drafting of a wide range of contracts to advising on compliance with the laws of Singapore. It is inevitable that conflicts may arise between parties. In such cases, the Alliance members can advise our clients on the necessary steps to be taken to resolve the conflict but, if this is not possible, we have the experience to represent them effectively in court.


All Asia Alliance is familiar with the commercial considerations to be considered prior to deciding whether to incorporate a company in Singapore. In the event that there are particular issues to be addressed which are out of the ordinary, the Alliance members can assist with respect to the incorporation of a company.


The Alliance members excel in delivering commercially sound and up-to-date advice on all aspects relating to companies in Singapore including but not limited to the duties and liabilities of directors, extraordinary and annual general meetings and other matters relating to the administration of a company. Further, All Asia Alliance advise on all aspects of corporate governance which, essentially, is best practice with regard to the manner by which a company should be administered.


The Alliance members have handled numerous Construction Disputes ranging from Singapore Institute of Architect Standard Conditions to simple Renovation Disputes and Building Contracts.


The Alliance members are qualified to give advice with regard to a wide range of issues relating to contracts in Singapore as well as the drafting of varying types of contracts. All Asia Alliance also advises on the steps to be taken when there is an allegation of breach of contract and can act for clients in the event that the dispute is brought to court or for arbitration.


All Asia Alliance provides effective legal solutions to recover debts and will do so in a professional manner so as to avoid any potential conflicts, harassment claims or any tarnishment of our clients' reputations.


All Asia Alliance is able to advise clients on a wide range of employment law issues including but not limited to termination of employment, wrongful dismissal, claims for breach of employment contract and the scope of restraint of trade clauses. The Alliance members are also able to advise and represent our clients with respect to issues ranging from the drafting of employment contracts, ensuring compliance with statutory health and safety regulations and settling disputes over remuneration. As legal professionals, the Alliance members have our clients' best interests at heart and will work towards a timely resolution of these issues.


The Alliance members are familiar with the legal issues involved in divorces, child custody, maintenance and the division of assets. All Asia Alliance understands the emotional turmoil involved in matrimonial proceedings and are able to provide advice and act for our clients in a sensitive but practical manner.


We provide advice and assistance with respect to a range of immigration, visa and work passes matters. This includes applications for and the renewal of permits and passes.


Insolvency refers to the situation where either an individual (bankruptcy) or company (winding up or liquidation) is deemed unable to pay their debts. The Alliance members are able to advise on not only applying for winding up or liquidation orders and other aspects of the process such as debt restructuring and receivership.


The hard work that goes into developing a product or nurturing a brand from its infancy should be protected and this comes in the form of intellectual property rights. The Alliance members have experience in advising with respect to IPRs including copyright matters and drafting and filing applications with the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore with regards to patents, registered designs and trademarks as well as enforcing IPRs against errant users who flout the law.


As projects become larger in scale with some often extending overseas, companies may find that it is in their best interests to set up joint ventures. Joint ventures are business arrangements where parties agree to combine their resources to achieve a stipulated goal. This joint venture then takes on a legal personality separate from the parent companies. The Alliance members are able to advise on the setting up of joint ventures, draft the relevant documentation and ensure compliance with relevant laws.


Negligence is the aspect of law that deals with harm arising from carelessness. This may surface in the form of medical negligence or workplace negligence, resulting in injuries. All Asia Alliance aims to adequately protect our clients' interests and are able to advise on how to achieve a satisfactory outcome for all parties involved in the event that there is potentially such a claim to be lodged in court. In the event that such a claim is made in court, the Alliance members are able to represent our clients either to prosecute their claim or to defend them.


Tenancy law governs the relationship between a landlord and his tenant. In Singapore, where the renting of property is a common occurrence, it is best to engage legal professionals to vet through all relevant documents to ensure there are no unclear or conflicting clauses and to ensure that all clauses comply with the law. The Alliance members are experienced in undertaking such a role.


Tort law encompasses a wide range of potential causes of action ranging from defamation to passing off of brand names. The Alliance members are well-versed in various aspects of tort law and are able provide advice or assistance on issues related to tort law.


A trust is a legal arrangement where an individual places assets into the trust for the trustee to manage under specified instructions. Trusts in Singapore are governed by various acts, such as the Trustees Act and the Trust Companies Act. They are commonly used for estate planning, succession, asset protection and wealth management. The Alliance members are able to assist and provide advice in the creation and management of trusts to achieve the goals of the client.


A will is a legal document made by a person for the disbursement of his/her assets to family and friends upon his/her demise. To ensure that property and assets are passed on to the intended beneficiaries upon death, it is recommended that each client makes a will. The Alliance members provide wills-drafting services as well as advice on succession, inheritance or intestacy issues (where no will was made).