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Professionalism, Integrity, Accountability

The All Asia Alliance was formed in 2011. We are an alliance of small boutique law firms based in several Asian cities including Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Shanghai, Singapore, and Yangon. The relationship that we have forged with our partner firms over the years has proven successful in facilitating cross-border referral, which is otherwise cumbersome and difficult but nevertheless what we sought to achieve.

Our roots can be traced to Bridge House Law (founded in 2008), also an international alliance of law firms. Similarly, All Asia Alliance partner firms specialize in diverse areas of law in several jurisdictions, and advise our clients in many languages. Our focus on the Asian region is based on our common understanding of each country’s culture, language and belief systems. To our clients, our appreciation of diversity means that we are well-capable of taking care of their needs even when distance is concerned.

As with other service-oriented industries, we understand that the experience is imperative. Besides meeting our clients’ legal needs, we want our clients to be comfortable and assured too. Our alliance extends these possibilities beyond our individual operating cities, offering the best service beyond borders. We believe that our partner firms must therefore uphold the same high standards of professionalism, integrity and accountability when working with clients. This is the tenet that underpins our alliance.

At All Asia Alliance, we strive to provide a professional and personable environment in which clients feel comfortable and assured that their legal needs are understood and addressed by an experienced and caring lawyer and paralegal team.



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